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Screens tend to break quite a bit. Insects, animals, and even the weather can break them down and leave you without the protection you need. If you have a screen in bad shape, then you have to turn to a company like us at Lines Sunscreen, LLC for great screen repair solutions.

We offer all manner of screen repair services, from commercial to residential. We are constantly on the lookout for new materials and techniques to make a repair easier and longer lasting.

• Materials—We offer a number of different materials to choose from to ensure that your screen repair lasts longer. We only use the very best materials, easy to clean Phifer SunTex and Textilene, which also carries a 10 year warranty. There are two percentages to choose from SunTex and Texitilene 80 and SunTex and Textilene 90. (SunTex and Textilene 80 and 90 means it will block to that % of Sun Heat and Glare)

• Maintenance—At Lines Sunscreen, LLC we also offer maintenance for our clients. Let us service your screen repair needs. Upon inspection and with good frames we will re-screen to save you more money.

• Free Pickup and Delivery—If you live anywhere in the East Valley area, we will provide free pickup and delivery for all the screens that need repairing. We can even work around your schedule.

• 10 Year Warranty—On all our doors, that includes all normal wear and tear

Having a company you can trust to provide you with the screen repair services you need is important if you have any form of screens on your property. From residential to commercial screens, and eve to patio screens, we can take care of all the repairs in Mesa, AZ. Give us a call today to see the work we can do!