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In a place with summer days as hot as Mesa, AZ, having sunscreens in place around your house or business can be a huge benefit. Sunscreens work to block out the most harmful rays to keep your home cooler and at a much more comfortable level of brightness. At Lines Sunscreen, LLC, we offer a wide variety of sunscreens.

• Custom Made—Finding the right size sunscreens can be difficult, which is why we provide custom made items for all of our clients. We carefully measure your window or door and then craft the sunscreen especially for you.

• Varied Fabric Options—We use Phifer Suntex and Textilene products for all of our sunscreens. This allows for a wide variety of fabric options, from lighter to darker versions and closer knit screens for maximum protection from the sun. Depending on which direction the door or window you want to cover faces, you may want to consider various different fabric options.

• Solar and Insect Protection —At Lines Sunscreens, LLC we also have a solar and insect protection options when it comes to our sunscreens. You should be able to get both functions, and with this type of screen, you can. It looks just like a sunscreen and offers all of its solar protection, but it also stops insects from getting into your home. We also offer tear resistant bug screen that also reduces heat.

SunTex and Textilene is a unique heavy duty woven mesh, that is pet resistant and blocks up to 80% 90% 95% and 97% of the Sun's hot rays before they enter your windows and doors. Excellent for use on windows, doors and porches.

• Pet Resistant
• Extremely Durable
• Lets in Soft Light
• Protect Furnishings against Fading and Sun Rot
• Excellent Outward Visibility
• Provides Day Time Privacy
• Provides Insect Protection
• Reduces Annoying Glare
• Tear Resistant Bug Screen

Sunscreens can make a summer much easier to get through in Mesa, AZ. You will see a dramatic dip in your electricity bill, since you will not need to lower your air conditioner to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. Contact us today to start the process of getting your sunscreens in place!